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My passion—helping partners focus on the right initiatives for growth and Salesforce alignment.

Robin Seidner, Partner Diva

The Partner Strategy Gap

Alliances at Salesforce — out of necessity — is driving to scale operations. That’s led to high-quality enablement paths for badging and certifications, accessible to any partner — Partner Learning Camp, Trailhead for Partners, etc. 


Scale, though, doesn’t work well for business strategy. Scale forces the partner organization to focus on the top few partners to drive revenue and other important Salesforce metrics. This means:

  • Partner management doesn't have the time or resources to focus on your strategy

  • Go-to-market and industry teams focus on the most strategic partner relationships — partners delivering the most ACV

  • Scale metrics important to partner managers aren't necessarily relevant to your growth and success

Where does that leave you?

Business and growth strategy is up to you. As an up-and-coming or new partner, you need a Salesforce perspective to help drive that focus.

This is the Partner Strategy Gap.

This gap inspired me to launch Partner Diva. I love helping partners focus on the right initiatives for growth. I bring a Salesforce and alliances perspective to your business strategy.


Together, we create a clear vision and direction around your partnership with Salesforce.

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