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Why Partner Diva?

Salesforce pivots quickly to take advantage of growing or changing market opportunities. It’s exciting to be a part of such innovation and change—but also hard to figure out the right business strategy around those pivots. 

Where should you invest? Should you grow a Mulesoft practice? What about Tableau, Slack, or Revenue Cloud? What Industries? The decisions are dizzying. The commitments require investment. 

I’m passionate about helping Consulting and ISV partners drive success with Salesforce. Whether you’re new to Salesforce, or you need direction to ramp your growth, I deliver senior-level expertise to help you drive your organization to the next level of success. Together, we focus your business strategy on the key essentials to your growth and success. 


I founded Partner Diva to provide strategic direction to growing Salesforce partners.

Robin Seidner, Partner Diva

Who is Partner Diva?

The Partner Diva is Robin Seidner, a 10-year Salesforce alliances veteran. Robin came to Salesforce via the Radian6 acquisition where she ran the channel partner program, managing a portfolio of 25 partners globally.


At Salesforce, Robin was part of the partner teams that integrated the ExactTarget program into the Salesforce core alliances program, helping key partners develop successful Marketing Cloud practices.  


She’s worked with many different partners, from smaller boutique firms to top North American partners to global organizations.

Read her LinkedIn profile.

Ideal Clients

Partner Diva’s advice and expertise fits to companies that meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Existing Salesforce SI or ISV Partner (Registered, Silver or Gold) 

  • Tableau, Mulesoft, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Commerce Cloud boutique firms looking to expand into core Salesforce

  • Competitive practice (Adobe, Hubspot, Oracle, Pega) or complimentary (Snowflake, Google, Amazon) looking to expand into core Salesforce

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