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The Partner strategy gap

Filling the “Gap” by helping your business with Salesforce growth strategy, and managing your relationship with the rest of the Salesforce organization.

Change is constant at Salesforce. From annual field organization reorgs, to new strategies and product name changes, it’s hard to keep up. Since January 2023, those changes have accelerated—major layoffs in the sales organization, new Alliances and Channels leadership, a march towards improving margins, the overall tech economy—these all have ripple effects on the partner ecosystem.  Alliances staff either manage too many partners, or are focused on global strategies. Enablement teams are increasingly asked to deliver scalable delivery models. This emphasis on delivering solutions at scale often means that partners are left figuring out their own path in an ever-changing world. 

So, what roadmap should you use to find or extend success? 

Salesforce really wants you to grow, expand your business, be successful. To help make this happen, they provide outstanding practical resources to help with some aspects of your business, including their Partner Learning Camp, Trailhead, Partner Community, and other certification training paths. But they cannot help most partners with their business and Salesforce growth strategy or manage your relationship with the rest of the Salesforce organization. They don’t have the headcount or resources, except for the largest, most strategic partners. This is the Partner Strategy Gap.


This strategy gap is what inspired me to launch Partner Diva. I have a passion for helping partners be distinctive in a noisy ecosystem and focus on the right initiatives for your growth.  

Whether you’re:

  • new to or considering the Salesforce ecosystem, or you’re ready to grow to the next level; 

  • looking to bring on your first alliance manager, or you need a strategy and someone to execute on it; or

  • needing a partnership leader or manager, but not ready to pull the trigger on a full-time headcount.


Contact me to see how we can work together.

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