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hundreds of partners compete for Salesforce’s attention. How do you stand out and measure up?

Get strategic advice for growth from a Salesforce alliances strategist.

Alliance Strategy = Success

Partner Diva advises partners on how to be distinctive in a noisy, unfocused partner ecosystem. Working with Partner Diva in a Fractional or Advisory role, partner executive teams focus on the right initiatives to super-charge the Salesforce business and create sustainable success with their partnership.  Take advantage of Partner Diva’s 10 years with Salesforce — working with the most successful Salesforce partners — to help you become a key Salesforce partner of tomorrow.


Discover how Partner Diva helps Consulting and ISV partners focus for growth by closing the Partner Strategy Gap.

Why Partner Diva?

Whether you’re new to Salesforce, or you need direction to ramp your growth, find out how senior-level partnership expertise drives your organization to the next level of success.


Fractional Alliances strategy

Senior alliances expertise without the resource squeeze of a full-time senior-level headcount.


Executive Advisory

Gain access to my knowledge and expertise for planning, special projects and advice.


Private equity / investor advisory

Add a Salesforce perspective to the due-diligence process, and find promising partners to acquire.

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