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Services: How do partners work with Partner Diva?


Salesforce moves fast. With so many “important” initiatives and new directions, it’s challenging to figure out the path to your success. 

Robin Seidner, Partner Diva

Salesforce moves fast. With so many “important” initiatives and new directions, it's challenging to figure out the path to your success. How will you get from $2M to $5M in revenue? From $5M to $20M? At this stage of your growth, you may need to refine your strategy and bring on a trusted resource to execute on your go-to-market and to act as part of the team. The fractional model provides not only senior-level strategy, but also strategy execution, all without the overhead of an expensive, full-time hire that you may not need or cannot afford.


Fractional engagements run in renewable 6-month to 18-month contracts. Options for percentage of my time in 20%, 40% or 60%.

Fractional Alliances & Partnerships

Nearly every executive wants leadership counsel—but it’s not always easy to come by. Where do you turn for advice? Do you have a sounding board for your ideas, problems, or the day-to-day aspects of running the business? If you need someone in your corner, it’s time we talk. Tap into my knowledge of consultant organizations, start-ups, and partner organizations. 


I work with executives during weekly or biweekly one-hour calls to provide an outside perspective of your business, and help you make impactful decisions. Mentorship programs run in renewable 6-month contracts.

Executive Mentorship

Executive Advisory

Looking for additional help on a special project? I provide advisory services to partner executive teams who need support with a key initiative, including investment or acquisition, geographic and industry growth, and larger growth strategies. 


Advisory service engagements run 3 to 6 months, are renewable, and are based on 20%-60% of my time monthly.

Private Equity/Investor Advisory

Make a stronger investment by adding a partnership lens to your due diligence. Partner Diva has a partnership success perspective that’s based on years of experience with partners pre- and post- M&A. Pre-investment or acquisition, I’ll help you put together go-to-market integration plans that avoid the common mistakes of failed acquisitions. Post-investment, I help align go-to-market and business strategies for merged partners, or the new partners in your portfolio, plus help both teams avoid the pitfalls that can hinder their success.


Investor Advisory services vary in length and commitment.

Contact me to see how we can work together.

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